1958 - 1959 - 1960 CORVETTES


    The Corvette is definitely my favorite car, both past and present. My first Corvette was a 1985, which, quite frankly, was not a good car. In 1987, I replaced the '85 with a "Candy Apple Red" convertible that is a great car, which I still drive on a regular basis.
    I always wanted a vintage Corvette, and in fact, almost purchased a 1958 a couple of years ago. The problem is, "have you ever driven one of these cars?" Someone told me that much of the suspension on the early C-1 Corvette was based on a 1954 Chevrolet sedan.  I don't know if that is true, but C-1’s certainly drive like a 1950’s car, especially if you put original style tires on the car.  Remember this car does not have power steering and a standard 17-inch steering wheel is not much help.
    The combination of the "drivability" of the C-4 ('85-'96) and the vintage look of a 1958, '59, and '60 seemed like a natural concept. Also, the idea of building a Corvette that would be a true performance challenge to a 60's Ford Cobra seemed like an interesting undertaking.
    So, what started out as a "one car project" has now grown to multiple cars spanning the years 1958-1960.  Fortunately, I have other businesses that made this "craziness" possible, including a custom fiberglass shop, an injection molding company, with a complete tool building physicality, a metal fabrication business complete with brake presses, shears, and turret presses.  I also have business connections in Asia.
    Today, I am able to produce a complete 1958-1960 Corvette body, less the doors, which are available on the open market for a reasonable price. I can produce a custom steel frame that allows easy bolt on of C-4 suspension parts, engine, and transmission.  I can also produce many of the steel or aluminum structural parts.
    In the future, I should be able to produce all stainless steel and chrome exterior parts, from bumper to bumper. I hope to be able to produce inexpensive chromed plastic front and rear trim parts, i.e. grills, head light bezels, etc. like the parts used on current cars.
    For now, the aim is to produce a car that to the untrained eye resembles an early Corvette. The future hopefully will include a variation that will achieve outstanding performance that will challenge both current and past "Super Cars."

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