Current Projects

  -What I do-
I restore old cars, generally 1950’s and 1960’s models.  I sell some of the products that I use in this process at fair prices so that I can maintain “distributor or job shop pricing."  I pass along my savings to my customers using three price schedules.

I manufacture the likeness of a complete fiberglass body and also a custom steel frame for a 1958, 1959 and 1960 Corvette. The frame is designed for bolt-on acceptance of 1984-1996 (C-4) suspension and drive trains with only minor fiberglass modifications. I also sell complete fiberglass bodies and individual parts as well.

I have also been known to sell one of my creations after it is complete, as they say “they ain't cheap!”

-What I do not do-
Engine, transmission and drive train work or custom interiors.I do not restore cars for other people.
-Why you should consider restoring or purchasing a classic or custom automobile-
  • First and foremost, life is too short to drive a sedan every day.  At least part of the time you should drive something that just makes you smile.
  • Second, new cars depreciate in value.  Classics and customs will not fall in value as fast and if it you choose the car wisely and maintain it, you may actually see it appreciate in value.
  • Third, insurance is not expensive.  If the classic is your “other” car you can declare its value and resolve not to drive too many miles (2500 to 5000 miles per year) and have good protection for a reasonable price.  If you own multiple classic cars, the cost of insurance decreases even further. Click to see a sample quote.

Enjoy your visit to my web site, but most of all enjoy the ride!!!

John Halbirt

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